Kazakhstan ambassador to China Mr.Nurlan Yermekbayev visited UIBE


On October 18, 2014, kazakhstan ambassador to China H.E.Mr.Nurlan Yermekbayev visited our school. The deputy secretary of party Committee of Wen Jun met with the honored guests in the administration building.

The deputy secretary expressed warm welcome of the visit of the ambassador, and made a brief introduction of the characteristics of running our school and the scale of enrollments. The secretary Wen said, UIBE is a key university directly under the Chinese ministry of education. At present a total of more than 16000 students were enrolled in our school, including more than 3200 international students who are from 133 countries, accounting for more than 20% of the students scale, which is characterized with international features. The contact between Chinese and foreign students is more and more close, cross-cultural communication activities are rich and colorful. Of all these students, there are 345 students coming from kazakhstan, who are very active in school activities, showing us good qualities and mental outlook. kazakhstan has become the third largest source of international students in our school, fully expressed the more and more close cooperation between the two countries in the areas such as education, economic and trade.

Mr.Nurlan Yermekbayev firstly expressed his thanks to the preparations made by our school. Friendly exchange of visits between the two heads of state is very frequent, at the APEC summit in Shanghai, president Xi Jinping, mentioned 30000 scholarships for APEC members to provide support to China to study, which also provides a significant share of their scholarship to kazakhstan, which fully embodies the amity of China to kazakhstan. The education counsellor also came along acted as a go-between for the cooperation between the schools of the two countries. Hearing that the principal Shi Jianjun visited the National university of kazakhstan and reached consensus in comprehensive cooperation between the two schools and signed a cooperation framework agreement with the principal Galym Mutanov, he hoped that we could contribute to more cooperation and international exchanges through bilateral efforts.

After the meet, Mr.Nurlan Yermekbayev and his party members held a lecture for kazakhstan college student representatives in Beijing, and he emphasized the safety and discipline problems of studying in China, in a  hope that the kazakh students to become pillars for friendly exchanges between the two countries after graduation.

People came along attended the meeting o as following: kazakhstan embassy education counsellor Mr. Grant; consular Mr.Bulat ; embassy personnel Buck, etc.; Liu Jinlan ,directly under the party branch secretary of the International School of Education ; Li Xiaomeng, deputy director of the International Cooperation and Exchanges; Li Yong, director of the institute of international student affairs .


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