The deputy director of international cooperation and exchange department under the ministry of education Fang Jun visited and investigated our school


On Oct. 13, the deputy director of international cooperation and exchange department under the ministry of education Fang Jun, commissioner of department of foreigners Tian Lulu came to our school, they made research for the foreign student's education .The guests were warmly received by the following leaders of UIBE:vice-president of UIBE Zhao Zhongxiu, the principal of the School of International Education Han Weichun,the  secretary directly under the party branch Liu Jinlan, associate dean Li Yinghai and Wang Quan etc.

The vice-president of UIBE Zhao Zhongxiu expressed warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to the deputy director Fang Jun to make research in our school . He said that in recent years the achievements of our university made for international students are inseparable without the support of international department , the deputy director chose UIBE as the “first stop”of series education research ,which is certainly the recognition of our education for international education .

Afterwards,the principal of the School of International Education Han Weichun gave detailed description of the development of foreign students in our school education, major settings , characteristics of projects and students internship and employment,etc.He also made concrete suggestions to the following work:Chinese government scholarship of preparatory education, setting up overseas schools of "going  globle", study in master of high-end scholarship program of the ministry of education in China and make policies for foreign students education .Tian Lulu made active response to the suggestions made by the principal Han Weichun.

As the leader of the ministry of education who is charge of the foreign student's education , the deputy director Fang Jun sang high praise for the fruitful results of education for international students in our school ,recognized our school's unique educational philosophy, teaching modes and governance framework , and praised that we played a vanguard role in the development of education., The deputy director Fang Jun said that the ideas and suggestions put forward by principal Han Weichun expressed the voices of the ministry of education, reflected the creative thinking and deep thinking of the practice of education.He hoped that UIBE could make use of the experience of the western schools, constantly enhance the propaganda such as multimedia, strengthen innovation, high-end business resources, further implement the "going globle" strategies, provide more valuable advice to the ministry of education .

In the discussion, the vice President Zhao Zhongxiu  held in-depth discussions with the leaders of ministry of education in the following aspects: cooperation between China and foreign countries in running schools and government officials,  high-end training programs,UNCTAD development platform, education policy and the real needs for Chinese enterprises going out .

During the research, accompanied by President Zhao,the deputy director Fang Jun,the director Tian Lulu visited the campus, especially investigates the facilities of students education ,offices and accommodations .


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