The Secretary General of UIBE Alumni Association Visited School of International Education


On October 9, 2014, Zhang Ruithe sectary-general of UIBE Alumni Association, and Chen Qi, the director of the office of Alumni Association visited School of International Education and gave their guidance to the International Alumni Association. Han Weichun, the dean of School of International Education, Liu Jinlan, the Party Secretary, Li Yong, the director of the department of student affairs; Chris, the secretary of International Alumni Association and some members of  secretariat attended the symposium.

On behalf of the School of International Education, Dean Han firstly welcomed the arrival of the alumni association leadership. He said that UIBE was the first university to carry out the public affairs for international  alumni, under the guidance of UIBE Alumni Association and considering the particularity of international alumni work, the School of International Education has established the  branch of architecture, which was led by department of International Student Affairs, taken students in school as the backbone of the alumni association secretariat,  greatly facilitated the "the bilateral contacts", and obtained certain achievements.

In the future we will continue to consolidate the basis of international alumni work, especially pay more attention to improve the architecture of the branches of international alumni, make full use of the electronic periodicals, college websites, alumni communication to further expand the influence of International Alumni Association, and he hoped that both the international alumni and the domestic students could benefit from the solid work. Liu Jinlan said that the International Alumni Association is of more diversity and complexity than the alumni association in China. In the past two years, under the direct guidance of the leadership of the general alumni association, the International Alumni Association developed rapidly, and now it has developed into nine alumni branches.  More meticulous and pragmatic work will be done in the future to look for more long-lost international alumni, strengthen contact and cooperation between International Alumni Association and China alumni association, thus promoting the healthy development of International Alumni Association and its branches.

The secretary-general Zhang Rui said, the International Alumni Association is the "first" branch he visited after he took up the post of the secretary-general. International alumni work is an important part of our school's international engineering construction, which is outstanding with rapid development, valued by school leaders, and it will be one important work for UIBE Alumni Association in the future. Standing vice Presidents of international association are taken up by the principal and the secretary of the School of International Education. Our principal is of broad thinking and vision, the secretary is meticulous and pragmatic, and the international students are enthusiastic and innovative, which guarantee the healthy development of the International Alumni Association. We hope that the International Alumni Association will continue to actively strengthen the contact with the various alumni branches in China, promote each other and seek common development. So far, the alumni foundation has established a perfect fund management approach, in a hope to convey the information of the Alma mater to the international alumni,  and provide strong support for those alumni by using the existing school facilities and resources for the international alumni In the symposium, the secretary-general Zhang Rui made a deep conversation with secretariat members of International Alumni Association about the Chinese and foreign alumni network and alumni donation, the propaganda work etc. Finally, Zhang put that the alumni association of UIBE will certainly to be advanced mode and successful stories of the universities among China.

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