UIBE International Student Halloween Party


By Bianca (ISU Publicity Dept)

On Friday October 31st, from 6pm to 9pm UIBE students, International and Chinese students alike, along with the rest of China and some parts of the world, celebrated Halloween.

Thanks to the Art and Culture Department we were able to celebrate the Halloween activities in a fun yet scary and sociable environment. Leading up to the night of activities, going around the campus you could hear students speaking about the upcoming Halloween party. Everyone was excited and anxiously awaited the night where they could have fun and dress up in costumes and meet different individuals from countries all across the globe.

On the night sure enough the Art and Culture Department did not disappoint. Stepping downstairs you could see how they spectacularly scary the room was transformed. The Halloween feeling was indeed in the air. One of the rooms had games and activities, deliciously scary snacks to munch on and drinks to quench our thirst and soothe our throats. There was awesome music that had you forgetting about school for that period of time and people to mix and mingle with. You could hear laughter through out the room from the games and fantastic company. Our “chop stick” and “archery skills” were put to the test from two of the games that was so cleverly organized by the members of the ISU who were dressed in different Halloween outfits which were both scary and cute. From the games you were able to win wrist bands which granted you access to the Haunted House.

Upon entering the Haunted House one would have not been able to see that it was just a few hours prior to the activity our gym. The gym was completely transformed to the Haunted House filled with zombies and hanging bodies of the dead. On entering the Haunted House the room was pitch black. It took you a few moments for your eyes to adjust by which time zombies and skeletons were already reaching for your body parts and those precious wrist bands which allowed you to win prizes if you were able to leave that House with them still on. A task which was not at all easy to accomplish. Walking in the pitch black you had to step over zombies and heaven knows who/what was in that room. Plus you had to crawl through a tunnel in order to make it out in one piece. An absolutely chilling experience I must say.

At the end of the night it was clear to see that everyone had had a wonderful time. Thanks to the Arts and Culture Department we were able to celebrate the Halloween activities in a fun yet scary and sociable environment!

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