Reporting on the Exchange Language Night


The Exchange Language Night even took place last Friday at the International Library Building. A long queue of guests indicated an early success for the event as people gathered near the building. With my connection within the Learning Department I managed to get my way in and I observed the flow of student entering the room. 

The event really started at 19.00 with cakes and pastries being served by the members of the Learning Department. I recognized friendly faces within the attendance and approached Jennie a friend of mine who seemed to enjoy the food. I deducted that the food must have been delicious when she said “I love these cakes, it reminds me of cakes from Norway”.

Later, the audience enjoyed the performance of the first performer named Natalie from Russia who admirably sang “Crazy” from “Gnarls Barkley”. The audience all together clapped their hands in order to support the singer during her performance. It was an enjoyable collective moment in which the crowd and the ISU members formed one entity.

At 19.20 Presenters Kayee from Mauritius and Nut from Thailand introduced the first game to the audience. The game consisted in guessing what were the items displayed on a card without seeing it. One person from the audience would be able to see the card and had to mimic the related item on the card while the other team member tried to guess the item displayed on the card. The first item was movie star Jacky Chan and one by one the team members had to mime and guess one after another. It was a funny game which allowed the audience to express themselves. Games also served to break the ice between members as the atmosphere got more casual and relax. At the end of the games participants were given free gifts for their involvement in the games.

The audience was given a break at 19.35 which gave the opportunity for students to talk more with each other and introduced themselves. As I sat down to a table and met Fenghihuis from Shandong province who befriended with Jessica from US and another girl from Indonesia. She told me: “I found the concept of the event very creative and very interesting. I came here because I wanted to improve my English by making friends from foreign countries and as you can see I met people from all around the world”.


The second game started around 19.40 which consisted in memorizing cards in the right order. Eva a friend of mine from the Publicity Department managed to get it all right and received a prize at the end of the game. Later the UIBE Cheerleaders Association provided an astonishing dancing performance. Audience was so impressed that people were standing and cheering to encourage the performers! One of the cheerleaders from Nakhodka Russia admitted that she did not expect such vibrant welcoming, she said “I was a little nervous at first because we never performed that close from the audience, usually we are dancing a bit further. But that was good experience because we really felt supported and cheered.”

Finally at 20.00 the audience was invited to dance all together on Harris Calvin Summer/Blame hits. I sat down near Aryuna well- known member of the Learning Department, while watching participants enjoying the music and some dancing moves. We were both tired from the event, me as a reporter and her as an organizer. I asked “how was the event?” she replied “seems that it was a success”. I cannot agree more with that statement, this year the ISU Learning Department has shown its capacity to attract large group of students and provide creative activities.



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