Peng Shuai: A Spanish Boy Loving Singing


News Reporter: Zhang Yingxi

Peng Shuai, as an international student from Spain, impressed us most with his standard Chinese, soulful singing and elegant image. By singing a song" if I don’t have you”, he became the fifth champion of the "Laowai Idol” talent show of UIBE. At the same time, Peng Shuai also won the 25th best ten singers of “light-picking radio", the sixth place of the 9th minority language song contest of Beijing universities, and many other awards. He has sung on the stage of”The teacher is coming” program in China education television as well.

 “He is very good at singing”, this is what Peng Shuai impressed most to his classmates. And he has made no secret of his love for singing, "and to share my song with my friends is a very happy thing", he said. Early in Spain, the sunshine boy who comes from Madrid formed a band with other 4 friends, named "cool". After signing with Spain's largest music company, he released an album and boarded the local famous entertainment TV program.

Getting down of the dazzling light of the stage, Peng Shuai is a man of studious in his lives. At first, he just tried to get contact with Chinese; however, after two months of understanding, he loved the Chinese. Then, Peng Shuai, who  had already had a  double bachelor's degree in law and economics  in Spain  , successfully applied for the Chinese scholarship and came to China to continue to learn Chinese.

Having been enrolled into UIBE, Peng Shuai is influent in Chinese. He downloads a Chinese dictionary in his mobile phone. In the process of communicating with his Chinese friends, if there appeared some words he did not know he will take out a cellular phone immediately and then write down the word so as to continuously expand his vocabulary. In this way, Peng Shuai also learned many up-to-date network buzzwords and occasionally speaks with Beijing dialect in the accent. Just one year in China, Peng Shuai has got the HSK certificate of grade 5.

Now, Peng Shuai insists on watching a Chinese movie every day to practice his listening and speaking skills and to know the Chinese culture as well. In his spare time, he hang around Beijing Hutong with his Chinese friends ,visited the forbidden city, climbed the Great Wall and had a taste of slippery filet mignon and scrambled egg with tomato...Peng Shuai has lived a contended and happy life in Beijing. In the last month of living in UIBE, Peng Shuai joined 2014 graduate micro film, and sang wonderful songs at the graduation party. When it comes to his plans after graduation, Peng Shuai hopes to work in Beijing or Shanghai. He said he would continue to learn Chinese and make a further understanding of China. 

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