Walking into Beautiful Gansu--Chinese and International Students Building Chinese Dream


UIBE International Students’ Volunteer Trip to Gansu Province

From May 20th 2014 to May 23rd 2014, four of our students went to Gansu province as volunteers and received a warm welcome from all the students and teachers of Jingyuan County’s 4th and 5th middle schools as well as Huining County’s Experimental High School and Taolin Middle School. Through close exchanges with our foreign students and activities that generated a great response among them, all the children got to broaden their horizon and enhance their knowledge of foreign cultures. Liu XiaoHong, Jingyuan County’s Secretary and teachers of the 4 middle schools all attended the activities.

In the past three yearsin contact with the members of the Education Support Group members, "I'm friends with a foreigner." an activity held by the International Volunteer Association (IVA), has already become one of the main activities supported by the Graduate school’s Education Support Group. This year, our four international students from South Korea, Russia, Gabon and Japan all went to Gansu to share history, customs and cultures we can find all around the world with local students.  

Volunteer teaching activities held under the theme "I'm friends with a foreigner." in Jingyuan County both in the 4th and 5th middle schools all included class exchanges and recreational activities. During class exchanges, our foreign friends introduced their own country and culture: Akio from Japan showed some differences between China and Japan, and demonstrated what China worth learning from Japan; Albina from Russia’s introduced Russia’s different ethnical groups; HanJun from South Korea introduced some famous national stars as well as the Korean cuisine; and Keshia from Gabon decided to show us how passionate was the dancing in Gabon!

On the recreational activities presented in the 4th middle school of JingYuan, our four international volunteers decided to make a presentation of the Korean, Japanese, Russian and French different educational systems, the differences with the Chinese educational system as well as the reasons why they chose to come and study in China.

They also encouraged students to study hard for the upcoming college entrance examination, to make a great effort to realize their dreams. Albina from Russia also had a moment with the dance team, exchanging dance skills and learning choreography.

On the 22nd the group of international volunteers made their way to a second teaching location, Gansu province’s Huining County for a 2 days activities. Their first stop in Huining was the Experimental High School; as soon as arrived as soon they were divided into 4 different groups and went to the four classes of the eight grades to carry out their teaching activities. In every class they were subjected to the students’ warm welcome. After a brief personal introduction, they started their classroom exchanges with the students. Some focused on their national language brief practice. The teachers were conscientious so the students would learn properly: as they wear in class we could all hear daily words recited in unison, buzzing all over the teaching building.

On the 23rd, the volunteers headed to the Taolin Middle School of Huining. Similar to the Experimental High School, in the early morning, the teachers were divided into small groups to attend the classroom exchanges with the students, bringing them a dazzling knowledge of overseas countries. In the afternoon, the four international volunteers were reunited to engage a dialogue in English with a selected group of outstanding students.

 Although this trip only lasted few days, the international volunteers teachers and local students’ enthusiasm still stands. The Group will continue to leverage the advantages of our school’s international education, support Grad students diverse teaching groups and build education projects, all to support education and make volunteers teachers to bring a richer experience into the classroom.

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