School of International Education Successfully Completed 2014 Fall Semester Registration Work


Carefully scripted and precisely planned, at September 9, 2014, the International Institute successfully completed the registration and orientation work for foreign students.

For fall semester 2014, the overall number of foreign students in our University has been raised. At September 9, the school for foreign students in our University reached more than 3100 students from125 countries. International College departments worked hard together, responded to the objective characteristics of overseas students in China, while collaboration with the international division of the Ministry of education, Beijing Municipal Public Security. The registration was divided into three times: for non-degree students, degree old students and degree new students.

Registration included visa registration, insurance, language placement test, collective medical examination, orientation, opening ceremony, welcome party and the other work.

During the summer, International College departments did a lot of preparatory work in advance for the fall semester, printed and ordered calendars, maps, registration forms; various note boards and other materials. The International College fully mobilized by hiring Chinese teachers, foreign old students and students from other Chinese colleges, using multi resources, assisting each link's staff, especially for the new students in China we provided thoughtful service. By the division of labor, flu prevention and control, guide new students and process service, for this semester's report provided a great deal of support and assistance.

Facing the spread of Ebola outbreak in parts of West Africa, in order to further strengthen prevention and control, International school of education did actively implement the higher authorities on Ebola hemorrhagic fever epidemic prevention and control work of the spirit; we  made and designed questionnaires; distributed warm reminder letter; ordered thermometer, masks and so on; by the way of e-mail, text messaging we required students to contact teacher immediately after their arrival, and centralized management for 21 days of observation. Epidemic prevention and control work in program development, implementation, health monitoring, and centralized management of prevention and control measures related to the implementation, staff training as well as careful contingency plans that the start of the deployment, won a National Guard Division for the Planning Commission, the Ministry of education international, and the height of the exit-entry administration of the Public Security Bureau of Beijing Municipal Education Commission approval. At the front, individual department will work to make a preparation to report more fully and to respond emergencies with ease.

Upon completion of the basic registration, September 3 and 4 the international school of education organized a collective medical examination for international students, thus providing convenience to apply for a new visa.

The afternoon of 5th September the international Student Union successfully organized the opening ceremony and the welcome; they left a deep impression for the new and old international students,2014 report of the fall semester has temporarily come to the end, registration, orderly organization of work and the report should be expected good results. Earlier, outbreaks of Ebola hemorrhagic fever could cause problems for the education of foreign students in our university. In order to judge carefully, to form a clear thinking and to rigorous program of work, with the support of the University of International School, school leaders made correct decisions to hold a leadership team and collect information. In the implementation phase, the spirit of courage to forge ahead, and being brave enough to fight a hard battle, and Solidarity and Collaboration, and selfless devotion to the team spirit and radiate powerful combat capability, a number of initiatives produced good results, and school created the conditions for sustainable development of education for foreign students.

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