“Internationally-Combined Teams” Win Good Results in 2013 MCM/ICM in their First Participation


Lately, the outcome of 2013 Mathematical Contest in Modeling was revealed. The team of UIBE, composed of both Chinese and foreign students, win good results in their first participation. Four “internationally-combined teams” all achieved awards in Group C, among which 3 teams win “Honorable Mention”and 1 wins “Successful Participant”.

Internationalization has long been taken as the basis, specialty and development method by our university. At present, there are altogether more than 3000 long-term foreign students from 127 countries studying in campus, making up 20% of total students. Concerning to internationalization, our university takes upper hand compared to other schools. As one of the important measures in constructing internationalization, we highly value cross-cultural communication and integration among Chinese and foreign students, and make much effort in building a platform for international competition, encouraging them to learn from each other, deepen friendship in study, life, practice and competition.  

In building teams for this competition, we tried to organize 4 “Internationally-combined Teams” at the first time, and each of them consists of 2 foreign students and 1 Chinese student. Foreign students come from various countries, including Republic of Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Mexico, Russia, Israel, Ireland and so on.

At 8:00pm EST, Jan 31st, 2013, the contest unveiled on time through Internet. All team members settled responsibilities and well cooperated. They worked out the English papers through 4 days and nights’ hard work, submitted them timely and sent their hard copies to American Organizing Committee of this competition, thus fulfilling the competition task. The four teams’ success represents the high level of our joint teams, shows the fruits of internationalization, which cannot be separated from teachers’ painstaking guide. As far as we know, organizing internationally joint teams and winning awards is the first move among all Chinese higher-education institutions.

Mathematical Contest in Modeling/Interdisciplinary Contest in ModelingMCM/ICM, the ancestor of all present mathematical modeling contests, is an internationally authoritative competition in mathematical modeling. It is co-conducted by National Science Foundation and the Consortium for Mathematics and Its Application, which has already run 28 years, attracting outstanding students from eminent universities like Harvard and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The 2013’s competition has attracted more than 5600 teams globally, having been one of the most renowned contests university students.

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