Labor Economics (Human Resource Management/ Social Security Fund Management/ Insurance Law


Cultivation Objectives

Training students to have cross-cultural communication and international competitiveness of advanced research and decision-making abilities with innovation, solid foundation, and wide-professional. After graduation, students should be able to be teachers or researchers in human resources management of High Education institutions social security and salary management; or be researchers in scientific research institutions in labor theory and application research in the economy field; or to be advanced human resource managers in government, financial institutions or other enterprises. At the end of four years of training, PhD students should have the following research and practice abilities:

a) Having broad solid theoretical foundation and system of professional knowledge, familiar with the development of this discipline and cutting-edge trends, seeking truth from facts, innovation, the scientific spirit of independent thinking and rigorous scientific style of work;

b) Having Independently abilities in the teaching and scientific research, abilities to make research results of theoretical and practical significance of creativity, and abilities to publish research papers of innovation value in the authority of professional journals;

c) Having abilities to research independently;

d) Having abilities to Independently teach basic course and elective classes for bachelor and master students, and achieve good teaching effect;

Core Courses

1Human Resource Management Field

Microeconomic Theory

Macroeconomic Theory

Advanced Econometrics

Research on Human Resource Management

Performance Appraisal and Salary Management

2. Social Security Fund Management Field

Microeconomic Theory

Macroeconomic Theory

Advanced Econometrics

Research on Social Security

Advanced Labor Economics

3.  Insurance Law Field

Microeconomic Theory

Macroeconomic Theory

Advanced Econometrics

Research on Labor Contract Law

Degree Granted

PhD of Economics

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