Target Applicants

International master’s degree graduates possessing strong English oral, reading and writing ability and who have passed UIBE’s application process.

Credit Requirement

The total number of credits required for master degree is 12, including other legal education activities such as: cooperating with the Ph.D. supervisor in legal science research, participating in legal related practice, undertaking independent legal research project.

Cultivation Objectives

Generally, to cultivate high-level and application-oriented international legal talents to be equipped with a solid foundation of legal theory, the capability to undertake independent research of the science of jurisprudence and creative research both theoretically and practical, and the ability to deal with complex legal cases. Specifically, the ability to do independent legal research and to deal with complex cases, to be proficient in English or other foreign language, to be capable in legal teaching tasks, and to be competent in high-level legal affairs of government institutes, multinational enterprises, and law firms.

Degree Requirement

Students who fulfill the credit requirements, complete a dissertation of no less than 100,000 words and successfully defend their thesis will be awarded the Ph.D. degree in law.

Core courses

Course Name


Course Description

General Principles of Chinese Civil Law


With small-sized classes of less than 10 people, and through class methods such as discussions of unique legal topics and participation in a tutor’s teaching or research project, the students’ research abilities and law experience are cultivated. While cultivating general legal abilities, the students will have a comprehensive and deepened knowledge of China’s legal culture and systems, and will strengthen their abilities in academic communication and legal application.

Chinese Commercial Organization Law


Chinese Contract Law


Chinese Intellectual Property Law


Chinese Property Law


Introduction of Legal Issues in China Business


Chinese Legal History and Chinese Legal Regime



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