Industrial Economics (E-Commerce)



Industrial economics (e-commerce and modern service industry orientation) meets the demand of modern technology and international development, makes full advantage of distinguishing features of this compatible program, and closely integrates areas such as IT, economic management and financial business. This program cultivates compound senior management talents in boundary subjects, who have a broad knowledge of basic theory and expertise, set up a reasonable structure of knowledge and ability and are able to manage trade and modern service industry with the help of modern information technology.

Training objectives

Based on the features of the Internet age, we take full advantages of our distinguishing characteristics of a close combination of IT, economic management and financial business to cultivate compound and comprehensive senior research and management talents in interdisciplinary subjects to adapt to the development of modern technology and international economy.




Advanced Macroeconomics


Advanced Econometrics


Advanced Microeconomics


The Methodology of Economics


Digital economics


Topics on Advanced Industrial Organization


Empirical studies of modern service industry


Program Advantages

(1) Graduates of School of Information Technology and Management have a good command of trade and management theory as well as skills of network information management and design. They are all talents with a solid professional foundation, a wide range of knowledge, strong foreign languages skills and a high comprehensive quality.

(2) School of Information Technology and Management attaches great importance to the cultivation of students` ability of practice, innovation, as well as their abilities of analyzing and solving problems. A practical teaching system which is consisted of segments such as social practice, experimental teaching, academic activities, professional studies and graduation thesis is elaborately built for our students.


Graduates of School of Information Technology and Management have strong employment competitiveness, thus being widely welcomed in the society. Apart from being admitted to postgraduate schools and studying abroad, most of our students find an ideal job in organizations such as banks, financial institutions, international leading enterprises, foreign companies, governments, public institutions, large and medium sized SOEs, and high-tech enterprises. In addition, there are also some students being enrolled by famous multinational corporations, such as Microsoft, IBM, and HSBC.

Highlights of Cultivation

E-business talents share the characteristics of practice, comprehensiveness and diversity. School of Information Technology and Management set up a talent cultivation system which combines the cultivation of students` knowledge, ability and quality. We also attaches great significance to practice and encourage our students to combine knowledge learn from books with social practice by inspiring students to take part in our after-class learning programs, such as taking part in e-business competition, running their own e-shops, joining scientific research projects with teachers, and doing researches themselves.

Highlights of Teachers

Our teaching staff is both academic and practical. There are 18 full-time teachers in e-business program; among them 9 teachers have PhD. Famous experts and professors such as Chen Jin, Li Anyu, Huang Jianqing, Yin Guopeng, and Li Bin are also teaching in our program. Besides that, School of Information Technology and Management also invites famous e-business experts from Ministry of Commerce, the People`s Bank of China, Development Research Center of the State Council, National Bureau of Quality Inspection, Industrial Bank of China, China Development Bank, and China International Electronic Commerce Center to serve as part-time professors.

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