Training Objectives

This program aims to cultivate students with good moral character, physical and mental health, strong sense of professionalism and sense of innovation. And they should master the basic theory of business management disciplines; have an international perspective and knowledge of international practices and rules, and proficiency in Chinese language. The graduates should be inter-disciplinary talent of both theory and practice.

Core courses

Financial Accounting

Management Theory,

Marketing Management

Study of Financial Management

Strategic Management

International Business Management

Research Methods in Management

Studies in Human Resource Management

Advantages and Employment Status

1. The basic principle of setting up professional curriculum is to encourage students to master the basic theories and concepts of accounting, financial management and audit, the basic analysis methods and skills of corporate decision-making, as well as in as well as beginning internationalization working knowledge.

2. The graduates will obtain the knowledge and abilities of the following aspects:

Have good accounting occupation morals and the concept of law. Master Modern Accounting, Auditing, Financial Management and related areas of knowledge and skills. Have innovative consciousness and strong ability of solving and analyzing problems.

3. Have systematic professional knowledge of accounting and extensive theory of management and economics. Master the dynamic development of the accounting subject.

4. Be familiar with accounting information system and have the ability to forecast the economic outlook, participate in economic decision-making, control business process with accounting and other related information.

5. Have ability to launch the academic research independently.

6. Master the basic method of literature and data search, and have the preliminary scientific research and practical working ability.

Training pattern

This program combine teacher guidance with curriculum , the traditional teaching methods with modern multimedia teaching means, lecture with practice, heuristic teaching with students' divergent discussion and  professional knowledge learning with innovation ability training. We take class teaching as the principal, and use many teaching methods such as case teaching, experimental simulation, panel discussions, and give full play to the initiative and consciousness of postgraduates to study and research. They can increase research ability during participate in the mentor's scientific research activities.

Aiming at the Characteristics of international students, they take the separate class and mixed class with China students to achieve communication with Chinese students and can learn more about Chinese literature.

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