Business Administration


1. Training Objectives

This major aims to cultivate foreign students with high moral, good health, good knowledge and innovative spirit. They will be suitable for all kinds of enterprises engaged in marketing, marketing management, senior international corporate marketing and global marketing.

2. Requirements

1) Learn about Chinese culture, politics, economy and history.

2) Be proficiency in Chinese language, including in listening, speaking, reading, writing, and translation.

3) Be familiar with the necessary computer skills

4) Manage the basic theory of economics, business management, marketing and international business, the basic knowledge and skills

5) Have certain analytical ability, creativity and decision-making ability.

3. Core Courses



Principles of Management

Principles of Marketing

Financial Accounting

China Economic Introduction

Consumer behavior

Distribution strategy

Sales and customer relationship management

Integrated marketing communication

Global marketing

4. Advantages and Strengths

We have more than 41 professional teachers and part-time teachers this major, 18 among them are professors, and 35 have the doctor degree. It’s a team with rich teaching experience, professional high-quality, high academic qualification and structure is reasonable structure.

This major is based on Marketing and Management Studies. Graduates should manage English application ability, computer skills, Merchandise sales, market research and forecasting, business negotiation, marketing planning, E-commerce applications, and marketing and management skills.

5. Employment Status

The graduates of Marketing Professional have a wide scope of employment. They can choose to stay in China or return to their own countries to work for the company who have trade with China. Generally speaking, they can be engaged in the sales of products or services and management, such as sales representatives, sales managers, sales consultants, and also be in circulation enterprises, production-oriented enterprises, the service sector and other industries engaged in marketing, research, planning or other management.

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