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As one characteristic course with high-quality at UIBE (University of International Business and Economics), the Business English Program not only offers a BA in Business English, the first and most prominent program of its kind in China, but also has extraordinary national teaching faculty. The curriculum divided into four modules mainly includes business English skills, business professional knowledge and practice, intercultural business communication and humanistic accomplishment and so on, which endeavors to breed overseas students with high quality, export-orientation, broad knowledge of business operation theory and solid trilingual communication ability in English, Chinese and their native language. These qualities, especially language advantage, enable students to engage in business activities in the international market where a lot of inter-disciplinary talents are demanded.

Core Curriculum

Business English; Chinese Intensive Readings of Economics and Trade; Chinese Audio, Video and Oral Training of Economics and Trade; Business Audio and Oral Training; Business Reading; Business Writing; Advanced Business English; Advanced Business Audio and Oral Training; Introduction to intercultural communication; Introduction to industry and commerce; Economic Theory; Management Theory; English Thesis Writing.

Major Advantages and Employment Orientation

With deeper growth of economic globalization and market internationalization, English talents with a variety of disciplines including not only commercial trade, marketing, economic management, but also trilingual training in English, Chinese and their native language are heavily demanded. Our Business English course provisions fully embody international features, which has extraordinary practical applicability to cultivate students with solid foundation and high level of English and Chinese fluency, improved interaction with both domestic and international business environment and excellent awareness to grasp the perfect combination of European and American commercial culture and the Chinese tradition.

Employment Orientation includes

1. Famous companies and enterprises, especially Sino-foreign joint ventures and large foreign companies;

2. International institutions, such as international organizations and financial institutions;

3. Embassies and consulates.

Good Examples of Outstanding SIS Graduates

1. Piao Chengfan, graduated in 2012, successfully entered a famous South Korea trade institution "KOTRA" (South Korea trade and investment association) .

2. YuZhu, graduated in 2012, independently founded the China-South Korea trading company.

3. Piao Chengyou, graduated in 2012, successfully entered the well-known South Korea enterprise group "SK group".

Cultivation Goal:

Business English major aims to foster English and Chinese talents with solid linguistic foundations, strong intellectual cultivation, broad knowledge of international business theory and practice, and strong cross-cultural communication ability. These qualities enable our graduates to engage in business activities on the international stage as members of companies and other business institutions and enterprises.

Cultivation Characteristics

SIS will provide each overseas student as follows:

1. One-on-one or one-on-more language exchange both in Chinese and English In the process of teaching in order to make them adapt to new campus life quickly.

2. Free tutorship in both Chinese and English.

3. Exchange programs with some extraordinary U.S universities for students who want to study abroad.

4. Rich and colorful activities.

5. Cultivation to improve students' innovative consciousness, communication ability, the sense of responsibility and team spirit.

Teaching Faculty Characteristics

SIS is proud of its excellent faculty with distinguished professors, famous scholars and well-known experts who have made outstanding academic contribution in the field of business English, linguistics literature and translation. Business English teaching faculty of SIS has been rated National Business English Teaching Faculty and Beijing Excellent Business English Teaching Faculty. More than 95% of SIS teachers have study-abroad experience. In addition, approximately 20 eminent guest professors, from prestigious academic institution in China and abroad, either lecture or do research in SIS.

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