International Politics (Economic Diplomacy)


Name of Major

International Politics  (Economic Diplomacy)

Main Curriculum

Politic Science

International Politics

International Political Economics


International Organizations and International System

Contemporary Chinese Diplomacy

International Economic Cooperation and Security

International Negotiation

International Conflict and Crisis Management

The Advantages of the Majors and Employment Orientation

The college puts great importance to the curriculum development and teaching system of the discipline of international politics. A comprehensive curriculum and teaching system has been developed. The teaching plan for undergraduates majoring in International Politics has been carefully revised many times, which is completely suitable for cultivating international and inter-disciplinary international political talents. It has three characteristics:

1. “Politics + Economics”. It emphasizes the combination of Politics and Economics. It stresses the fusion and interaction between international politics and international economics, between Chinese foreign relations and Chinese foreign policies.

2. “Major + Foreign Language”. It breaks through the disciplinary boundaries, emphasizes the importance of improving students’ English level and expands training areas.

3. “Theory + Practice”. It not only lays emphasis on the students’ basic knowledge and theory development, but also focuses on improving the students’ operation ability and practical ability.

After graduation, most of the students work in national government agencies, news agencies, universities, scientific research units, state-owned enterprises, multi-national corporations and international organizations. They are engaged in theoretical research, situation analysis, strategy consulting, news reporting, management and service work.

Teaching Target, Training and Teaching Faculty Highlights

Training Target: To cultivate talents engaged in world politics and international relations research in the National Party and government agencies and other enterprises and institutions.

Training Highlight: Through the systematic teaching of world economy, international politics and other disciplines, to cultivate inter-disciplinary international political and economic talents with a global vision and modern sense.

Teaching Faculty Highlight: More than 90% of the faculty holds a doctoral degree.  Many teachers have been engaged in the research and teaching in Harvard University, University of Chicago, London School of Economics and Political Science, Waseda University, Aichi University, Seoul National University, National University of Singapore, and other famous universities.

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