International Public Administration(IMPA)


Introduction to IMPA

The IMPA program is a two-year English degree program offered by the School of Public Administration (SPA) at University of International Business and Economics. Master of Business Management with Government is designed especially for international applicants who need to or expect to work on jobs related to handle the intricate relationship between government and business from the global perspective. It combines a broad-based business management theory and skills with a theory-driven practice element of government and public policy to enhance your better understanding of governmental interaction with business and problem-solving capability from both perspectives of government and business.

The program will help students to study and understand theory and skills on the elaborate relationship between government and business from the interdisciplinary backgrounds such as public policy and public management, business management and economics and it will prepare students to be leaders, managers, and analysts in the professions of public affairs, business management and public policy and make students easy to shift work between government sectors and nonprofit and for-profit organizations.

The IMPA program is taught entirely in English.

Our MPA program is a two-year, 40 credit hour program with four components.

u  Core Curriculum

You’ll be building a foundation in management, research methods, economics, policy analysis and politics.

u  Concentrations

One specialized area of concentration is Business Management with Government

u  Experiential Requirement

You’ll gain professional experience through an internship, an independent or group research project, or other experiential learning option.

u  Capstone Project

You’ll complete a semester-long project or thesis committed to solving a problem for a client organization

Degree Requirements

The IMPA program consists of four semesters of full-time academic work, with a minimum course requirement of 40 credits to complete the degree, including core courses, 24 credits; electives, no less than 12 credits; practical training or capstone project, 4 credits. The core requirements of the M.P.A. degree consist of 24 credit hours of work in eight courses. Each student must also complete the requirements of our concentration.

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