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     Course Select Guidance

 Course Selection:

Website: http://iss.uibe.edu.cn/Student/english/index.htm

Username: Student ID (e.g. IUP20****) PW: 12345678

Stage 1:

January 2nd at Jan. 6th 6pm  (24 Hours)

Students who miss this stage can not choose summer school later.

Stage 2 (2 days):

    Jan. 7thTue9am to 8thThu6pm

    Students could only check their course select results in this stage.

Stage 3 (final stage of 1 week):

    9th Jan.Sat9am to 15th (Fri) 4pm

    Students can choose or quit course in this stage.  


 Students can choose 2 courses in maximum.

The courses will be counted as electives (8 elective credits required in total)

As the courses are randomly allocated by system, it’s possible that students fail to get the courses they pick in stage 1. So it’s very important to check stage 2.

After stage 3, students can NOT drop class any more. Students have to attend and complete the course once they elect it. The score will be shown on their transcript.

UIBE Summer School takes four weeks in total: JULY 3-28th 2017. About the class schedule numbers please refer to the form below.

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