2015 Spring and Summer Final Scores and Teachers' Contact

2015 Spring Compulsory Scores

IUP2013 (Teacher's Contact)

1. Chinese

2. Principle of Macroeconomics

3. Contemporary Perspectives in Cultural Anthropology

4. Globalization, Social Stratification and Social Inequalities

5. Applied Statistics

6. The Transformation of Modern China

IUP2014 (Teachers' Contact)

1. Chinese

2. Principle of Macroeconomics

3. Linear Algebra

4. Introduction of Chinese Culture

5. Business Ethics

6. Contemporary Perspectives in Cultural Athropology

2015 Summer Scores

 Field Trip-Capstone Project

UIBE Summer School Scores


Chinese and HSK Scores (Those who fail the Chinese class need retake it in 2016 or 2017 summer term; Those who didn't pass HSK need to pass HSK LEVEL 4 before graduate to get UIBE diploma)

2015 Spring Elective and Writing Portfolio


Elective Scores ( * means failed; Teachers' Contact please consult 64493419)


Writing Center Score



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