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Welcome to our international Ph.D. program at the School of International Trade and Economics (SITE)! The Ph.D. program is designed to prepare students for the challenges of leadership roles and scholarly responsibilities in academic, governmental, and non-profit sectors.

Program of Study

Students are expected to take about four to five years (and are permitted no more than ten years) to complete a Ph.D. in Economics. The University requires a minimum of 4 years duration including accumulative 2 years on-campus study. This time limit is counted from the beginning of a student’s entry into the program, regardless of any leave of absence taken. Students enrolling in the International Ph.D. program must complete 35 credits: 29 credits of International Ph.D. coursework and 6 credits of dissertation.

Comprehensive Examinations

The purpose of the Comprehensive Examination is to test the student’s knowledge of the fundamental principles in the subject, understanding of the basic research techniques, and competence in scholarly research, and is therefore comprehensive in the sense of not being restricted to the exact content of lectures. The Comprehensive Examinations are to be written within two years since the beginning of full-time study. If the examination is graded Unsatisfactory, the student may be permitted to retake the examination. If the examination is graded Unsatisfactory for a second time, the student will be disqualified from further study. The PhD Comprehensive Examination is held twice a year in January and July.


The dissertation is a requirement of International Ph.D. Program. The doctoral dissertation must report, in an organized and scholarly fashion, the results of original research. The dissertation must be a contribution to knowledge and must demonstrate the candidate’s ability to undertake sustained research and to present his/her finding in an appropriate manner.

Program Structure

International Ph.D. curriculum provides early and frequent exposure to research environments. The broad spectrum of economic disciplines is carefully integrated into and correlated with essential Ph.D. course studies during the first two years of study.

Ph.D. in International Economics

The PhD program in International Economics specialization consists mainly of three stages: Core, Primary and Secondary Field courses and the writing of a dissertation. 

Total Credits


Core Courses (15 credits)

ECO600 Microeconomic Theory (3 credits)

ECO601 Macroeconomic Theory (3 credits)

ECO603 Advanced Econometrics (3 credits)

ECO604 Mathematical Economics (3 credits)

ECO680 Research Methodology (3 credits)

Primary Field Courses

(8 credits)

ECO620 International Trade Theory (3 credits)

ECO621 Empirical Studies in International Trade (3 credits)

ECO622 Directed Readings in International Trade (2 credits)

Secondary Field Courses

(6 credits)

two courses (totally 6 credits) from their secondary field


-Development Economics

-Industrial Organization

-Chinese Economy

Dissertation (6 credits)

Dissertation (6 credits)

Total required credits

35 credits

Research Oriented Environment-Top 10 Research publications in China!

The School’s philosophy of continuous improvement ensures an ongoing, cutting-edge learning experience. SITE’s quest for research excellence is demonstrated by the fact that our institution is amongst the first ones in the country to recruit Ph.D.s from North America, Europe, Japan and other parts of the world. Our goal is to place our students at the forefront of economic science, whether they choose careers in research institutes, colleges, consulting firms or public sectors.

At the School of International Trade and Economics, you will have intensive interaction with our dedicated, energetic and insightful faculty. Professional and personal gratification will be gained through innovative research, dedicated professional service and the pursuit of excellence in science and teaching. To check faculty researches, please visit the website at

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