Accounting (IMAcc)


IMAcc Program

Accounting education in UIBE is in the leading position among Chinese universities. With the excellent faculty and administration, also abundant experience about initiation of international programs, Business School is launching an International Master of Accounting (IMAcc) program. The program is a two-year program for full-time students, is suitable for international students with bachelor degree in any discipline who desire to acquire accounting education in advanced level. Students can be equipped with necessarily basic knowledge at the beginning stage of the program, which can ensure everyone to be ready for the advanced accounting coursework. IMAcc program also provides students various electives related to branches of Business Administration which can broaden their horizon and deepen their cognition on business, students therefore can make business decisions from multiple perspectives besides financial analysis.

The language of instruction is English and all the credits required by the program can be completed within one year. There are three academic sessions in one year: Spring Session (from February to May), Summer Session (from June to July) and Fall Session (from September to December).

Curriculum of IMAcc

Required Courses I

MA 501 (3 credits)   Financial Accounting I

MA 502 (3 credits)   Management Accounting I

MA 503 (3 credits)   Managerial Economics  

MA 504 (3 credits)   Management and Organizational Behavior 

MA 505 (2 credits)   Corporations Law

Required Courses II

MA 506 (3 credits)   Financial Accounting II

MA 507 (3 credits)   Management Accounting II

MA 508 (3 credits)   Advanced Corporate Finance   

MA 509 (3 credits)   Corporate Governance

MA 510 (3 credits)   International Financial Management 

MA 511 (2 credits)   Financial Statement Analysis       

Accounting Electives (Choose at least 4 credits) 

MA 512 (2 credits)   Investment   

MA 513 (1 credits)   Mergers &Acquisitions

MA 514 (2 credits)   International Accounting    

MA 515 (1 credits)   Taxation     

MA 516 (2 credits)   Financial Risk Management   

MA 517 (2 credits)   Assurance

MA 518 (2 credits)   Strategic Management Accounting

Floating Electives 

All the elective courses in the International MBA Program


Accounting education and research in Business School is in the leading status among Chinese universities. Business School until now has 30 professors, 33 associate professor and 22 lecturers. A lot of professors are the members of associations of certified accountants.

Business School has strong relationship with famous accounting firms, like Deloitte, KPMG, Price Waterhouse Coopers, Ernst & Young, also collaborating closely with international professional associations such as ICAEW (UK), ACCA (UK), HKICPA (Hong Kong), CGA (Canada) and CPA (Australia). It is more convenient for our students to know about these firms and associations, which will benefit the students’ employment and certified accountant examinations.

Besides the courses relative to accounting and finance, students also can take some MBA courses to strengthen their recognition on economic environment and business administration. With specialty and also with general knowledge about administration, an individual can be potentially to be in management position.

Students in IMAcc Program also have opportunities to study in universities abroad for one semester as exchange students. Business School or UIBE has cooperation with many universities overseas, such asUniversity of Cologne, Baruch College, and Brock University. Students have the chances to apply for the exchange program twice a year.

Entry Criteria

Knowledge Background

Applicants are considered from graduates of approved universities with a bachelor degree in any discipline.

English Proficiency

For applicants who are not native speakers or have not had a substantial part of their education in the English language, Proof of English proficiency is required.

TOEFL score: 550 PBT/220 electronic/80 IBT

IELTS: 5.5

The Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) is not a requirement for entry into the IMAcc program. The achievement of a high GMAT, however, will reflect positively on an applicant's case.

While each of the two general criteria is important, applicant's entire profile of academic and professional achievement will be evaluated. Strengths in one or more areas may compensate for weakness in another.

Degree Requirements 

A student must complete the following requirements in order to earn a Master of Management degree: 

1. Course work: Each student in this program is required to complete 40 credits, including 31 credits of eight compulsory courses and 9 credits of elective courses, among which at least 4 credits of accounting electives are requested, with grades above 60 on a 100 scale.

2. Graduation thesis writing: having completed all the required credits, a student can start writing the graduation thesis (equivalent to 4 credits) under the supervision of an advisor appointed by the school. The thesis is supposed to be no less than 8000 words. Besides, the students can also take an internship and write a thesis related to the internship experience during the period of study, and maximally 6 credits can be obtained from the internship and the thesis writing.

The required minimum work hours for Internship are as follows:

1. Full-time: 8 Weeks with a minimum of 320 total hours.

2. Part-time: 15 weeks with a minimum of 320 total hours.

Application Process

Applicants must fill out the following application Forms and prepare the relevant materials.

1. Application Form for International Students

2. Application Forms for IMAcc Program

3. Application for Residence on Campus

4. Letter of Reference (2 letters from your professors or employers)

5. Letter of Guardian

6. Applicant’s and guardian’s Passport Copies

7. Certificate of the bachelor’s degree and the original transcript

8. A copy of the latest TOEFL or IELTS score (Native speakers neglect this document)

All the relevant materials shall be sent to the following address:

School of International Education

University of International Business & Economics

Beijing 100029, China

Tel: (86-10)64492327 64492329

Fax: (86-10)64493820


Admission Process


In-depth appraisal of the application, test scores and recommendation letters.

Qualification Review

Based on the education background and working experience of the applicants, the admission board will carefully and equitably determine who will be accepted without any condition, who will be accepted conditionally and who will be rejected.


For those who will be accepted conditionally, they will be invited for an interview given in English. During this interview, an admission committee will evaluate their profile against the program requirements.

Admission letter

Once the admission board has reached a decision, the applicants will be informed via e-mail. If their application has been approved, they will receive an admission letter via registered mail shortly after.


The UIBE IMAcc Program has two intakes per year, one in February and the other in September. 

The deadlines of applications are Dec. 15th and Jun. 15th respectively. 

Financing your IMAcc 

Tuition fees: 117, 920 RMB Yuan 

Major scholarships & grants:

Both the UIBE and Business School offer grants to outstanding participants

School of International Education,University of International Business and Economics

Admissions Office, Huibin Building, No.10, Huixin Dongjie, Chaoyang District, Beijing,100029, China

Email:     Tel: (86-10) 6449-2327 / 6449-2329     Fax: (86-10) 6449-3820