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International PhD Program in Business Management

This international Doctoral program aims to further develop the strategic management skills and knowledge beyond what the organizational leaders have obtained at the master’s level. With the combination of taught courses and the application of modern research methods, participants will learn how to effectively lead change, make strategic decisions and enhance corporate accountability. The program provides the participants with quality education experience that will broaden their managerial knowledge, experience and skills; strengthen their ability to generate creative ideas for organizations and to think critically and systematically in analyzing organizational problems; and more importantly, enable them to conduct independent and rigorous research to address a business/managerial issue and to solve organizational problems.

The International PhD program consists of two Areas of study: International Business and International Marketing.

Core Courses

Research Methodology

Management Theory

Topics in Financial Analysis and Accounting Theory

Topics in Organization and Corporate Governance

Topics in International Business

(For students specialized in International Business)

Topics in Marketing Theory

Admission Requirements

Applicants should possess

(a) A master’s degree in Business Administration or relevant master’s degree from a recognized university or comparable institution;

(b) Good PG grades, strong references, some research experience, and a clear interest in pursuing a scholarly career in the future; and

(c) Substantial background in economics, management and statistics.

Structure of the Program

The duration of the program will be 3 to 6 years. The taught elements include coursework and project-based learning. All courses are conducted through a combination of teaching methodologies such as lectures, guest lectures, group discussions, action learning and case studies.

Assessment will be based on class participation, assignments and projects, and tests or examinations. The Academic Workshops provide a forum for dialogue among academics, practitioners and students to discuss current issues related to the core areas of change, strategy and corporate governance, among others. The thesis is an original and independent research project that requires students to apply appropriate theories and research methods to analyze and understand/solve real organizational issues/problems. Academic rigor and business relevance are equally emphasized in the assessment of the thesis contributions.

Credits Requirements

Students enrolling in the PhD program must complete a minimum of 16 credits of PhD coursework. Qualifying courses are required for students who lack the appropriate backgrounds, but do not count toward the PhD degree. Students must complete all core courses with grades of 70 or higher and other courses with grades of 60 or higher, or they will be withdrawn from the program.

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