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SITE offers international programs of study leading to Master’s degrees in International Graduate Programs in Applied Economics (IGPAE), International Graduate Program in International Business (IGPIB), International Graduate Program in Logistics Management (IGPLM) and International Graduate Program in Finance (IGPF) and International Graduate Program in International Development (IGPID). Our particular curricula–including intensive Chinese Mandarin, Exchange Program, Internships and Directed Research–provide many valuable opportunities to gain the wide-ranging knowledge of the world and China’s place in it, in combination with a focus on practical experience in job markets and a deep understanding of Chinese language and culture. And you will be able to examine problems from a variety of perspectives and will be able to research a variety of sources and make critical assessments based on your findings.

Program of Study

The International Graduate Programs may be completed within one year. The minimum length of stay in the Program is one calendar year (three sessions), and the maximum time for completion of a master's degree is within three years. This time limit is counted from the time students enter the graduate program, regardless of any leave of absence taken. There is no thesis requirement for the program. However, students have to finish the Research Directed Project which is equivalent to 3 credits.

Master of International Business: International Graduate Program in International Business (IGPIB)

Each student in IGPIB must complete 37 graduate credits of course work: 12 credits of four core courses, 5 credits of two field courses, 3 credits of Research Project and 17 credits of elective courses.

Program Requirements

Details of requirement

Course offered

Core Courses: 12 credits

IB501 International Business Environment (3 credits)

IB502 Economic Foundation of Business Studies (3 credits)

IB503 International Business Theory (3 credits)

Fall sessions

IB504 Global strategy Management (3 credits)

Spring sessions

Field courses: 5 credits

(Track 1, Track 2 or Track 3)

Track 1

IB510 International Trade Practice (3 credits)

AE 512 Chinese Foreign Trade and FDI (2 credits)

Spring sessions

Track 2

IB520 International Financial Markets (3 credits)

AE521 Investment Analysis (2 credits)

Track 3

IB530 International Marketing (3 credits)

IB508 Cross-Culture Management (2 credits)

Directed Research Project

AE561 Directed Research Project (3 credits)


Elective Courses : 17 credits

Elective courses (17 credits)

All sessions


Chinese Mandarin Courses


CH590 Introductory Chinese Mandarin

CH591 Intermediate Chinese Mandarin

CH592 Advanced Chinese Mandarin


All sessions

Total Required Credits

37 credits


Program Highlight

Courses in other Master’s programs

International Graduate Students, SITE are permitted to take up to 13 credits, i.e., three sessions, at the 500 level, from selected Master level courses: Applied Economics, International Development, International Business, Logistics Managements and Finance offered by SITE in a related discipline.

Most Popular Elective Courses

Internship Placements

How to Do Business in China

China’s Economic & Business System

Marketing in China

Seminar Series on Chinese Economy

Cross-Culture Management

Chinese Business Laws

Deng Xiaoping Theory

Import and Export Management in China

Directed Research Project options: There is no thesis requirement for the program. However, students can choose to complete a thesis, which is equivalent to 6 credits of courses. Students who write Thesis shall not write the Directed Research project (3 credits). A thesis advisor will be appointed for each student who intends to write a thesis.

Free Chinese Mandarin Class

Free Introductory Chinese Mandarin, Intermediate Chinese Mandarin, and Advanced Chinese Mandarin courses are offered all sessions only for international graduate degree students.

SITE Scholarships

The SITE scholarship is awarded biannually to four outstanding students enrolled in the International Undergraduate Program at SITE who have shown excellence in their Bachelor’s degree studies.

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