Business Administration (MBA)


Chinese MBA program

UIBE is the first university in China to set up Business Administration professional as early as in 1982, our school set up the Business Management professional, and introduced education methods from America and Textbook system of Business management, marketing, financial management, accounting from Western countries. Combine with Chinese enterprise management practice we create a distinctive Education system through the Chinese and foreign management theory and practice, and got excellent education effect.

MBA program has been committed to training students with good moral character, physical and mental health, strong sense of professionalism and sense of innovation. And we aim to bring up compound talents with an international perspective and knowledge of international practices and rules, and proficiency in English.

Strong Faculty 

There are 70 faculty members in charge of MBA in our school, and 60 of them are teachers, including 30 professor, 25 associate professor, 6 Foreign teachers, and 15 visiting professors.

Our school has a high-quality teaching and management team. Teachers for MBA have rich business experiences and solid theoretical foundation. Most of them have study abroad, and 92% of them can give lecture in English. A considerable part of the teachers have Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), the Canadian Certified General Accountants (CGA) and other international membership of professional groups

Adhering to the international character

Our school’s MBA education has always been adhering to the international character of management education. We focus on following the trends of the development of international MBA education, and constantly adjust and update the curriculum system and teaching methods; on the systematic use of management disciplines, on both foreign language and professional classes, and we use a lot of original English textbooks and cases during the class. Both theory and practice are emphasized on, the professor lectures combined with other activities.

Distinctive characteristics of the subject

Our school's MBA education has distinctive subject characteristics, including two research directions of international business management and accounting and financial management. The international business management is divided into four sub-directions: enterprise management, marketing management, operations management, human resource management, and accounting and financial management is divided into two sub-directions: accounting and financial management direction.

Training characteristics

We introduce Western business management education system at the earliest time, and the first get MBA accreditation from the similar Universities of U.S. in 1988.

1. Emphasis on internationalization and localization of binding on both foreign language and professional classes, and we use a lot of original English textbooks and in class.

2. Distinctive Economic professional features

3. Abundant teachers’ strength and fruitful achievements in scientific research

4. Advanced teaching facilities

5. Teaching through a lot of cases

6. A variety of foreign exchange programs

7. Emphasis on theory and practice, the professor lectures combined with other activities.

8. Colorful cultural life of MBA

9. Perfect career development service system and high professional values enhance the rate.

10. Extensive alumni network

11. Best management and service

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